Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Silk Skull Scarf a Great Style Accessory

Demand for silk skull scarves never face downfall and its popularity is only increasing as ever. It is the silk’s royal and regal approach because of which people are still bound to it. People still recognize silk skull scarves as a luxurious and effulgent piece of cloth.

Silk skull scarves are capable of adding beauty and grace even to a simple attire and are suitable for men and women belonging to all ages. Out of many scarves, silk skull scarves are admired by youth as it has smooth texture, elegant and expensive in look. You can use these scarves in many ways. Use them as head scarves, neck scarves, waist scarves and paired them with tops, t-shirts, tuxedo, jeans.

• When we talk of neck scarves, picture of a person comes in our mind who has wrapped neck in scarves. Go for the versatility in scarves and hey guys! For tying, make square knot. Women too have varieties of options to wear them. Wear them in a way shown in images to look stunning. Silk skull scarves give beautiful flowing motion which adds softness and feminine charm. Also for bigger neck scarves use the area of lower neck to tie but tie it in a fashion that it should appear like a loose and messy loop.

• Waist scarves can be worn in many fashion, you can wear them as a belt too. Make a loop and tie the knot, on the opposite side of knot keep length of scarves loose and flowing to create effect. What we want to say here is drape oblong scarves around hips and use as a sash or bandana.

• You can use silk skull scarves as a shawl in winter season to keep body warm. For this purpose long rectangular scarves are apt. History shows that silk apparel is in use since ancient times as shawl. Its allure doesn’t depend on its luxurious look, shape and design only but also on the style you carry it. You can let them fall from your shoulder on your gown for a sense of protection and style or let them hanging from your both arms and keep it loose from back side for a bold look.

Silk skull scarves are preferred accessory for modern contemporary women. Silk has property of absorbing moisture which keeps it warm in winter and cool in summer; also it allows air to circulate through skin it means it is an extremely breathable fabric. Such property of silk makes its scarves practical and favored piece of cloth.

If you too are in search of attractive and versatile range of silk skull scarves then go for quality and versatility so that your favorite piece of cloth remain with you for longer period.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Alexander McQueen Fashion Icon

Alexander McQueen fashion product, yellow skull scarf, high heel and ring.

Alexander McQueen It is still hard to believe that the British designer is not with us any more, but his fashion creations will live on. This spellbinding scarf executes enchanting elegance draped in the delicious drama. It is decoratively patterned with supernaturally smiling skulls.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Alexander Mcqueen Skull Scarf as Accessories

If you are looking for sinister satisfaction, then look no further and get ready to enrich yourself with an envious esoteric elegance embellished in the enchanting essence of this essential Alexander McQueen scarf. It is decadently decorated with smiling skulls and made of 100% modal. Made in Italy, this scarf should be dry cleaned only.

Pink Alexander McQueen skull scarf

White skull scarf

Friday, 13 January 2012

Wearing Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves Like a Celebrity

How to Accessorize Like a Celebrity With Alexander McQueen Skull Scarves.

Fashion accessories are the key to looking stylish no matter the occasion. Well chosen accessories can transform an old outfit into something fabulous. Jewelery, handbags, shoes and scarves are the ideal way to update your wardrobe and stay with current trends.

alexander mcqueen skull scarf

Celebrities have been setting trends for decades and when it comes to accessorizing they are way ahead of the crowd. It does help however to have a personal stylist. Alexander McQueen is an infamous designer and is known for designing stunning accessories including his coveted scarf collection. Alexander McQueen skull scarves have been spotted on high profile celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and Kylie Minogue since they emerged onto the fashion scene.

Lindsay Lohan image
Lindsay Lohan wearing Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf

The beauty of Alexander McQueen skull scarves is that they are the perfect accessory for all seasons. The designs are timeless and will never date. The style is to be worn loosely, draped around the neck and over the shoulders. This scarf is both casual and classy due to the relaxed design and the iconic label. You can accessorize everything with your scarf with anything from a classic mini dress to a plain t-shirt and jeans. You can dress a casual outfit up with it or a dressy outfit down.

silk chiffon skull scarf

Alexander McQueen skull scarves

The death of Alexander McQueen has only made his scarf collection more coveted than ever before. At only 40 years of age the news of the designer's death has deeply affected those in the world of fashion. Sales of his accessories range has shot up making it one of the hottest fashion accessories this summer.

fashion scarves

silk scarf and scarves

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Every Woman Loves Skull Print Scarves

Skull Scarves are pretty powerful in this cold weather.

Skull scarves is very suitable for use with various types of clothing, and at various events. It is suitable for women who like to look nice. AWESOME!

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